Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Jesuit Alumni: Common Minimum Programme (CMP)

During the Open Forum Session of the West Zone Congress, 14-15 October 2006 at St. Vincent's High School, Pune, where apprehensions about the implementation of plans were strongly articulated, Fr. Norbert Menezes, S.J., National Advisor, enunciated a Common Minimum Programme for all the Jesuit Alumni Associations as an antidote for these apprehensions. They were simple, down to earth, ensuring vibrancy in the alumni associations. The five points were:

  1. We strive to organize three batch-wise get-togethers (5-10-15 years of leaving school) to promote healthy active involvement of members in the association and build synergy through the giftedness of the members for the enhancement of their professional and personal lives.

  2. We plan to conduct one/ two school activities especially for the outgoing batch, so that a relationship is established between the alumni members and the school students and Staff.

  3. We chalk a need- based concrete project on 'Water' so that the Jesuit Alumni makes a positive contribution for the society's better tomorrow in terms of alleviating the sufferings of the poor and ensuring human survival for the next generations by water harvesting and preservation, reuse and recycle of water, and other means for enhancement of ground level water.

  4. We strategize enrolment of new members in the association so that there is a greater impact of all the endeavours of the association.

Fr. Norbert also exhorted the members to consider the following suggestions:

  1. Every Jesuit Alumni Association has its own Constitution so that it works as a responsible, independent, registered body with Jesuit Fathers as Ex-Officio members. The Association is accountable to the Alma Mater and the general public.

  2. Our Alumni Associations seek ways and means to generate funds to support its projects and activities. Explore possibilities of some joint activities with the Alma Mater.

  3. Encourage Chapters of the association in towns where there are sizeable number of members and furnish the list of members of these Chapters to the National Council for better coordination of Metros' Activities.

  4. We make use of modern technology for better communication through dynamic website, group email Ids, etc.

  5. For better implementation of plans, we network and evolve platforms for public advocacy on important human issues.


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