Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Minutes of the Meeting of the Accredited Delegates

Minutes of the Meeting of the Accredited Delegates, held on Friday, October 29, 2004, at Loyola school, Jamshedpur at 2:30 pm.

Present were Fr Herman Castelino, Jesuit Advisor, Members of the outgoing Governing Council, Jesuit Alumni Co-ordinators for Alumni, Accredited Delegates of Provinces. Mr Conrad Gonsalves, the outgoing President, chaired the meeting.
  1. The minutes of the meeting of accredited delegates held at the beginning of the third National Congress at Mumbai were confirmed. The minutes of the special National Congress held during the World Congress at Kolkata were confirmed.
  2. The President explained the structure of JAAI indicating the role of the Accredited Delegates.
  3. No new bye-laws were framed during the last term.
  4. The venue for the next Congress was confirmed as Trivandrum, Kerala. As per the system of rotation being followed, the South Zone would be holding the next Congress. The South Zone confirmed this venue. The Congress would be held in the year 2008. The exact dates would be determined subsequently.
  5. The statement of accounts for the last term were approved. The auditors Ms Ajay Toshniwal and Co. were working on the final accounts for submission to the authorities.
  6. The report on the working of the Governing Council was presented. It was noted that it was becoming increasing difficult and expensive to hold meetings of the Governing Council very frequently. The constitution required one meeting at least per year. Since provision was made for making decision by correspondence, this would need to be encouraged. It was advised that at least two meetings per year would be desirable. The Newsletter was not brought during the term. The GC accepted responsibiliy for this. The new GC would need to work out methods of regular sharing of information and publication of the newsletter.
  7. It was strongly felt that all schools should form association of their alumni. Schools who were no longer part of the Jesuit management would not be eligible to be members of JAAI.
  8. All zones were advised to hold their Zonals Congresses regularly. They were also advised not to open any account in the name of Jesuit Alumni Associations of India. It was felt that collection of additional fees at the Zonal level was not advisable.
  9. The names of the new representatives appointed by the four zones to the Governing Council were unanimously accepted. They were North – Mr Siddarth Dudhoria, Mr Naresh Gupta, Dr Sandeep Sen, South - Dr Santhosh Rollands, Mr Thomas Fernando, Mr Surya Prakash Rao, Central - Mr Ronnie. D’Costa, Mr Anil Dubey, Dr Shivram Krishnan, West – Mr Adil Irani, Ms Devyani Nawab and Mr Colin Coelho
  10. The delegates appreciated the efforts of the Central Zone in organising the National Congress. The meeting ended with thanks to the chair and all the delegates.
March 26, 2005


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