Saturday, October 30, 2004

Workshop Recommendations on Networking

  1. The purpose of networking is to share
    1. best practices and knowledge
    2. ideas
    3. info on members, history and activities
  2. Associations must share their social projects.
  3. Networking should begin with personal rapport and should promote individual interaction.
  4. In a networked world, we need to communicate through different media, be it telephone, print, or the internet.
  5. Many do not have access to computers and internet. JAAI must reach such members through a national newsletter and zonal councils should provide translated versions for vernacular audiences.
  6. The JAAI newsletter editor will need inputs from alumni associations every quarter. The newsletter editor’s contact details should be made available. JAAI must also clearly communicate what, how and when to communicate.
  7. Copies of alumni association newsletters should be mailed to other member associations of JAAI.
  8. It was felt that, like Rotary, outstation alumni should be able to attend local meetings. To achieve this, associations can adopt a uniform procedure and amend their constitution, if necessary.
  9. JAAI must publish a calendar of events of member associations.
  10. Have a JAAI lapel pin which Jesuit alumni can wear and announce their Jesuit background.
  11. Each association should have a website. The institute’s website must be linked to alumni website.
  12. Each batch of any institute has a certain bonding. They can be brought together again using e-groups. Associations can also use blogs (web logs) to act as online newsletters and to communicate their activities.


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