Friday, October 08, 2004

Mr. Conrad Gonsalves

Message from Mr. Conrad Gonsalves, President, Jesuit Alumni/ae Associations of India, for the 4th National Congress held in Jamshedpur on October 29-31, 2004.
Dear Fellow Jesuit Alumni,

With this fourth National Congress organised by the Central Zone, we complete the first round of hosting these three yearly events by rotation.

Taking a moment to review the development of JAAI, we realize that Congresses emerge as strong focal points and milestones. The First Congress at Chennai confirmed the need for a formal structure, the Second at Kolkata formulated the constitution, the third at Mumbai sought to reflect on the essence of the objectives and chart a direction.

The present congress seeks to break away from this groove. Attempting to address “NETWORKING” it will highlight, what takes place between congresses, at the grassroots, which ultimately “WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE”.

We look forward to the brand “JAAIMILAN” expanding beyond a triennial “MILAN”. We look forward to be bonded by a common thrust that continuously sustains JAAI and where Congresses, rather than ends in themselves, become points in time where we are driven passionately to share experiences and measure our performance.


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